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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Support Stack implementation using JSPM screens

Upgrade JSPM first.
Put the Support stack into /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in

Goto /usr/sap/<VNW>/DVEBMGS00/j2ee/JSPM

In JSPM choose the option

Now apply Support stack: 17 
Select the option : Single support package

 Click on Start

Verify the current release and target release and Click on Next.

 After completion click exit.

Friday, October 5, 2012

System Administration using Solution manager in the Landscape

Configure the System Administration
Execute the Transaction “DSWP” select the Solution
Navigate to Operations setup solution Monitoring systemAdministration central system Administration

Expand the Tree Elements in General Basis Administration

Select “checking the system log” click on “start SM21” It will automatically connects to backend system and displays theSM21 screen

Again come to the screen and update the status of the particular taskSame like that for all the tasks we need to do it manually and we needto update the comments

Scenario-1: Select the Tasks Log History click on “ok”

with the date and timestamp
Scenario-2: Select Task Session Report click on “ok”

This will displays you all the tasks

If you want to go for attachments/ Add Documents click on

Click on “Add Document”

Specify the File Name and the Description click on “ok”

Click on “Display Alerts”

The system Administration has been configured successfully

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Configure the Service Level Reporting for the Solution in solution manager

These are based on SAP CCMS or ST03 (work Load Analysis Basis)
Select the output mode (as table, graphic etc)
Select the Solution (EHPSERVER_SOLUTION)
Come to Operations Setup click Service Level Reporting then click SetupService Level Reportingsetup service Level Reporting

Specify the Name, Type, Weekday of Processing and the status (Active)

Click on ‘save”

Navigate to “variant service level report”specify the Name, City, Countryclickon ‘save’Navigate to Operations SetupSolution Monitoringservice level Reporting

Click on the icon to display the report for setup service level reporting

The report is displayed and we can send through Email by choosing “E-Mail”option
Specify the email is and click on “ok”Navigate to OperationsSolution Monitoringservice level reportingclick onservice level report

Click on start service processing

Click on ‘ok”

Select “create” to create a New service Level Report

Select the service and click on ‘create”
                                                       Specify the date and click on “confirm”
The New Service is createdThe Service level report is configured successfully.