Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to Restore tree structure of Sap MMC

Verify that your MMC version is the version of your kernel. Try  to downloading the appropriate one from the marketplace and installing it as this may resolve the issue.

First of all you should re-add it using the following steps:

1. Right-mouse click on node "SAP R/3 Systems" and select "Properties" (if this node is not present,
follow step 1a)
1a. - Menu option "Console", "Add/Remove Snap-in" - Scroll to "SAP R/3 Manager" and highlight
- ADD, Next and Finish
2. Click tab called "Fixed"
3. In field "Systems" enter the SID, i.e. DEV
4. In field "Instance", enter host name followed by space followed by Instance number,
5. Click ADD

If that does not work please try

1. Stop the SAP service
2. Open a command prompt
3. Go to usr\sap\<SID>\exe\run
4. call 'sapstartsrv.exe -t' from the command line
5. Confirm the dialog window
6. Start the service again

Please look into the following notes:

373963 Setting up SAP MMC Snap-Ins on non-R/3 NT computers
82751 Problems with SAP Services & SAP Service Manager

For it, log as SAPService<SID>; stop the service, close MMC console and from a command prompt, from within the usr\sap\<sid>\sys\exe\run directory, first we execute SAPSTARTSRV.EXE and we first unistall the service by selecting:

'Uninstall Service + Unregister COM Interface'

After, we execute SAPSTARTSRV.EXE again for reinstall the service by:

'Install Service + Register COM Interface + Start Service'

If this does not help :

1. Please check whether the files sapmmc.dll and librfc32.dll are placed under the SYSTEM32 directory.

2. If this does not help, deinstall the service and install it again? Please see the note142100 ( I think you
have already done this)

Another cause for the incidence could be that the MMC was closed and saved with "wrong" Setup. Please try the following change:

Open the MMC and close the whole tree structure until 'SAP R/3 system

Then close the MMC and answer "Yes" to the question about saving settings.

The next time you open the MMC, this error message should have disappeared.

3. Make sure that the environment variables for the <sid>adm and the personal id are the same. Also
make sure that the path set for these 2 users is exactly identical.

4. Make sure that you have the correct SAPMMC.DLL. Could you kindly run the command "regsvr32
sapmmc.dll" in the system32 folder 



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