Wednesday, January 25, 2012

J2EE Engine Stops with Exit Code 66 in sap system

J2EE Engine bootstrap fails to synchronize the J2EE Engine’s files and stops with exit code 66.
The bootstrap module collects metadata about the instance and the files it has to synchronize and then downloads the required files to the file system. It can fail to synchronize the engine's files for the following reasons:
  • The database has not started
  • The database is corrupt
  • Incorrect or missing file system permissions
  • Wrong installation type (32 bit binaries on 64 bit machine)
  • Errors in the bootstrap logic
exit code 66
J2EE engine
Step 1
Try to identify the problem: you can find a detailed description of the problem in the bootstrap log files which are located in /usr/sap/<SID>/JC<XX>/work/ folder. The log files are as follows:
  • dev_bootstrap* - logs from the Java Startup and Control Framework that shows the parameters with which the bootstrap was started.
  • log_bootstrap* - logs from the execution of the bootstrap that show the execution flow from the last session and the possible errors.
  • jvm_bootstrap* - logs from the JVM output for the bootstrap process that show possible JVM problems during the bootstrap execution.
Step 2
If the description of the problem you found in the bootstrap log files shows that the cause is in the database, check the database consistency following the procedure below. If any of the steps is not completed successfully, stop the check and report the problem to SAP Support.
Database Consistency Check
a. Start the Config Tool to check if it connects to the database.
b. Check if you can connect to the database using an external tool. This external tool can be DBManager for MaxDB or Enterprise Manager for MSSQL Server.
c. Run the integrity check tool provided with the database (for example, DBManager for MaxDB).
Step 3
If the problem persists, or you are unable to identify the cause of the problem, report the it to SAP support. Collect the bootstrap logs and attach them to the message.


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