Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mopz,logical system creation & approving support packages step by step screen shots in solution manager

 The prerequisite for this is
Check the RFC SAP-OSS .
The user using this solution should assign by a  SuserID.
 If not we can assign from tcode AISUER.

Creation of System
The system defined in the smsy tcode.
For creation of logical system just go to smsy tcode.

Then select on type of system creating .
Enter the logical component name.

Enter the logical component name

Creation of solution.
Go to solution_manager tcode
Click on create.

Enter the solution name.

Assign the logical system to the solution.

If we get this error check the snote 1242931
Please perform the following SPRO activity:
-> SAP Solution Manager
  -> Scenario-Specific Settings
   -> Change Management
    -> Extended Configuration
     -> Change Transaction
      -> Change Transaction Types
       -> Assign Implementation to Change Transaction Types

In the following screen, please enter CL_CHM1_MAINT_OPT_INSTANCE as the 'Class/Interface' of transaction type SLMON



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