Wednesday, January 25, 2012

sap Table space Increasing on Oracle database

Table space Increasing
ü  If the Usage % of any table space is more than 90 %( DB02), then we have to increasing the table space by adding a table file.
ü  Using SAPDBA tool, we can  increase the table space
ü  In command prompt, enter SAPDBA and select the option C for ‘space administration’ in that, select option ‘F’ to “alter table space and add data file”
ü  The system will first ask if we want to use file systems or raw devices for the new data file.
ü  On this new screen shows the table space name in the header and it also displays some default values for the new data file.
ü  And if we want reset the default values by selecting the options like File system or raw device ,Select path and Display current files
ü  We need to set ‘auto extend ON” to utilize the available space automatically.
ü  During the table space name for which we want to increase ,we can check for free space available free space on the disk for a mentioned table space and ‘start’ then ‘continue’
ü  We can specify the size of the table space by checking the After the new data file has been successfully created, the sapdba program will automatically show the menu for backing up the database
ü  If there are any errors while this process is running, an error message will be displayed and alert file and the log file generated in the sapreorg directory(oracle /SID/sapreorg/space<SID> file)



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