Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sap TableSpace Names & Types

TableSpace  Names & Types

1.Oracle system Tablespaces:
SYSTEM:                      includes the internal oracle dictionary
            PASPROLL:                  Contains the Roll back segments
            PASPTEMP;                 Temporary tablespace for internal processing

2.Basis Tablespaces: Contains theR/3 basis environment data.
PASPLOAD D/I:            Contains ABAP report loads and screens
            PASPSOURSE D/I:       Contains the ABAP report sourse and screens
            PASPDDIC D/I:             Includes ABAP dictionary
            PASPPROT D/I:            includes control and log tables

3.Application tablespaces:
PASPCLU D/I                Contains the system cluster tables
            PASPPOOL D/I:            Contains the system pool tables                       
            PASPSTAB D/I:                        Contains master data, transparent tables
            PSAPBTAB D/I;                        Contains transactional data
            PASPDOCU D/I;           Contains documentation tables 

4.Customers tablespaces:
PSAPUSER1 D/I:          Contains customer tables                             



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