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Types of database backup's in sap?Backup scheduling & online Backup and online Redo logs

Þ      ON-Line backup—taking the backup of archive logs and as an incremental backup we have to take the backup of redo logs for the time taken for archive logs backup, in this case no down time needed.
ü  On line back up is  not consistence, it might have some negative effects on performance, so it’s better to schedule at night times where there is not much online activity
Þ      OFF-Line backup---Take complete Archive +redo logs, in this case down time is required.
ü  Off line back up is consistence.
   Backup Scheduling
Ø  Go to DB13, we can schedule database backup using DBA planning calendar by selecting a particular date.
Ø  Double click on the date and select the action to be performed and click “start immediately”.
Ø  It will ask for storage location, these location can be either tapes or disks, the location can be  set the parameter ‘backup_dev_type=Tape” in  backup profile “initSID.dba”(oracle home\dbs) and  “start “the backup
Ø  The status of the backup can be checked in DB12

ü  Is the inter face that connects 3rd party S/W tool to SAP in order to take back up on tape drives.
Snap shot technology of LEGATO tool for back up
ü  This technology mainly used to take OFF-LINE back up for 24*7 environment systems
ü  Legato server intimates the legato client regarding the back up
ü  This legato client takes a snapshot of information of production system and stored in bits and bytes,(which is more easier and no time taking when compared to normal offline back up).
ü  Snapshot image taken will be mounted on another storage system, (while data stored in the difference of time (incremental) back up will be taken with another snapshot and stored in a different disk in the storage system.)
ü  After completely taking the snapshot of complete data and incremental data, they both are clubbed together to give a complete full back up image in the storage system.
ü  Now this back up image on storage system is complete back up of production system and this is taken as on tape libraries
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     Backup Database     (SAPDBA)                                                     Backup Offline Redo logs                            (SAPDBA)

 a - Archive function              Save offline redo logs
  b - Parameter file                                    
  c - Archive device type                     local tape (cpio)
  d - Number of redo logs                   10000
  e - Archive volume(s)
  f - Query only                                       no
  g - Fill tape(s) permanently              no
  h - Special options ...
  i - Standard backup of offline redo logs         yes
  j - Backup from disk backup                              no
  q – Return
S - Start BRARCHIVE (V4.6D)
  a - Backup function               Normal backup
  b - Parameter file         
  c - Backup device type          local tape (cpio)
  d - Objects for backup           all
  e - Backup type                      offline
  f - Backup volume(s)
  g - Query only                        no
  h - Special options ...
  i - Standard backup               yes
  j - Backup from disk backup
  l - Restart backup
  m - Make part. backups compl.
  S - Start BRBACKUP (V4.6D)



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