Friday, February 17, 2012

Assign Authorizations (Transaction PFCG ) for a group

For giving authorization to Users you have to create an Activity Group.
 Steps to Create Activity Group
 Run Transaction PFCG

Give Activity Group  : ZBASIS
Click on Create Button
Give Description as Activity Group for Basis Administrator

Now it will ask you to Save Activity Group.
Click on Yes to Save Activity Group.
Click on Menu Tab

Now if you know for which transaction you have to give access then enter that transaction by clicking button Transaction 

Click on Assign transactions button.
It will assign all the transaction to the Activity group ZBASIS

Even you can attach the SAP Menu to Activity Group ZBASIS 
To attach SAP Menu Click on Button From the SAP Menu
Choose Appropriate Authorization

In this screen we choose Administration for Basis Administration.
Same way you can choose the profiles for various modules like MM,SD,PP,QM etc.
Click on Transfer Button to Transfer the Menu to User Activity Group.

See in above screen Tools menu is appeared for Basis Profile.

Now Click on Authorization Tab

Click on Change Authorization data button

Choose Yes to Save Activity Group.

Now it is asking for Organization Level Data. Give appropriate data.
Click on Save Button

Now in above screen it shows u the various authorization objects required by Basis Administration as per given Transactions and SAP Menu.

Click on + Sign and give appropriate authorization for Create, Change, Display, Delete etc

Click on Pane
It will show you various activities for that particular object
See following fig.

Click on Save Button
Now Give What ever authorization u wants to give.
Click on Save Button

Give Appropriate Profile Name
Click on Save Button

Click on Generate Button to Generate Activity Group.

Now you will attached the this Activity Group to User Basis


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