Saturday, February 18, 2012

Assign Operation Modes to Instances & Advantages of Operations ModeAssign Operation Modes to Instances

An operation mode defines a resource configuration for the instances in your R/3 System. It can be used to determine which instances are started and stopped, and how the individual services are allocated for each instance in the configuration.

Operation modes define:
• The number of work processes used for each service in the instance
• The times that the services are available
Operation modes support automatic switching of work process types.

Advantages of Operations Mode:
• The instance need not be restarted
• The switch between two operation mode
• Efficient utilization of resources
To configure Operations Mode go to
Sap Menu -> Tools -> CCMS -> Configuration -> Operation Modes/Instances
On enter Transaction code: RZ04

There are four steps for configuring Operation Mode:
Define an Operation Mode
Define the Instance
Assign the instance and the work process distribution to the Operation Mode.
Maintain the Operation Mode time table.
A Operation Mode should initially be defined to which the instance file parameters and the corresponding Work Process allocation will be allocated.
The fields in the create Operation Mode screen:
SAP System Name: The name of the system for which the Operation Mode is being created (SID)
Operation Mode: Name of the Operation Mode.
Short Description: A Short description about the Operation Mode.

Assign Operation Modes to Instances
To assign the Operation Mode to the instance profile, from the initial Maintain Operation Mode and Instance screen click on Instance/Operation modes.
Next to each Operation Mode a distribution of work processes for that operation mode is given. Note that the sum for all the Operation should be the same.

Assign Operation Modes to Instances
To assign the Operation Mode to the instance, select any of the instance and go to Instance à Maintain Instance à Work process Distribution. The below window is displayed.
This gives the details of the Operation Mode.
Click on the Other Operation Mode at the button of the window.
Put the name of the New Operation Mode
Adjust the number of WP as per your requirement.
Click on the Save Button.


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