Saturday, February 18, 2012


rdisp/wp_no_btc = 2
rdisp/btctime = 10

Operation modes - to make use of the resources optimally

SM37 is used for BTC monitoring

Execute SM37
          Specify username, date & time, job name, status ----- Execute F8

1. The jobs with status released indicate the jobs are released with scheduled time and waiting for their turn/ time.

2. The jobs with status ready indicates the jobs are ready to pickup by the scheduler
          Eg: Consider a CAB - might come late
                             No sufficient CABS

Long time in ready status indicates

          1. The existing jobs are running for a long time i.e. expensive programming or sql statements/ fetching huge amount of data.

          2. The configured BTC processes are not sufficient to handle the requests in Ready status.

          3. May be due to heavy load on the system

          4. Also due to passing the jobs by extending scheduler time/ making BTC to 0 by running the program BTCTRNS1.

          1. Increase BTC work processes based on the available resources by using the parameter          rdisp/wp_no_btc = 2

          2. Schedule the jobs appropriately during off peak hours.

3. ACTIVE          BTC in active status (long time recorded)

The job is running an expensive activity like client copy, pay roll run.
Jobs that fetch information from BW systems, annual reports, dunning reports may take hours together or even days to complete successfully.

Active indicates the following

          1. Jobs are expensive and running to fetch the content.
          2. Jobs are waiting to be processed by the target system (RFC, CPIC)
          3. Jobs are waiting for the locks to update the records.

Reasons and Resolutions ACTION.

          1. Some jobs are bound to run for hours and based on history leave them to run.
          2. Check the bottle neck on the target system (ERP-BI-EP-SRM-SCM-SRM)
          3. Wait until the locks are released/ jobs are completed. Report to SAP in case of dead locks.
          Select the status - Db click - and click on Job Logs
          Execute SM37



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