Thursday, February 9, 2012

ccms alerts configuration interview patron

CCMS Alerts creation: By using CCMS alerts we can configure failures of sap system s tasks &activities , errors will get to our emails.
SCOT -Sap connect
RZ21: tree elements , methods creation
Rz20: MTE (Monitoring tree elements) close creation  
SBWP: Distribution model creation
Before going to configure CCMS alerts we must configure SCOT for mail communication by using SCOT T code.
Then configure distribution modal by using SBWP  T code.
Call transaction SBWP click on Distribution list – then create a new folder and give name to that folder than add target mails.
Now you can create methods By using RZ21 T code
Click on display overview copy parameter ccms _on alert_email V2
Change as Z custom parameter  as a method definition.
Execution salo _email_ incase _of _alert  thane change as background mode. then add recipient like user or group.
Then create  MTE by using RZ20 clause & Assign method to MTE close.   
R3 syslog for syslog of sap name
R3 ABAP for abap name.
It will generate 3 services: CCMS Ping for system availability ,APCCM4X for ABAP Agent,SAPCCMR for Java agent.
Ports in Java stack: p4 port  5 instance no 04
                                                HTTP 5 instance no 00
                                                SDM 5 sys no 18
                                                Telnet 5 sysno 08
                                                HTTPS 5 sys no 01


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