Monday, February 13, 2012

Change Request Management Issue Management or charm configuration steps in solution manager

Landscape Preparation:

For  this Demo we  use 3 client inside Solution Manager
 801 Development
 802 Quality
 803 Productive

Users Preparation:

We create 5 diferent users and profiles
Creates and confirm the Change Request
Categorizes, Approve and monitors Change Request. Implements a change, and hands it over to the Tester Test changes and ajust the Change Document Status
Manages and coordinates software logistics

Start to use Issues:

They are 2 way to create issues inside solution Manager: During the implemetation:
We can use the transaction SOLAR01 and then in the Project Z_IMPDEM01 we can create a
Issue in
Business Scenario 01
Business Proces 01
Process Step01
The consulant goes to Issue/Message tab and select “Create Issue”

During the Operation

Inside Solution manager run the transaction SOLMAN_ISSUE_MGMT and click in Create Issue

We need to identify this information

1. VeryHigh
2. High
3. Low
4. Medium


Customer Management
Project Planning Project Realization Test Management
Business Process
Data Management and
Interface Management Performance Management
Support Organization &
System Management System and Data Security
Functional Gap Functional Realization Process Integration Software Error Solution landscape
Technical Infraestructure
IT Strategy Maintenance Extension Software Change Management
Upgrade and Release


1. Draft
2. Open
3. In Process
4. Completed

You  upload document like attachment

In the Tab Context you need to identify if the issue is on  Solution Context, Project or  is releated to Higher-Level Top  Issue.
In this sample we  create the Issue for  the Solution AOME_CHARM.,  and we  identify the issue in the Process Step “StepName01 in the System SM4.

In the Tab Recommend Tasks you can propose some task for solve the Issue

When you create a task the system ask for
Due on 
Short Text 

The  person who execute the Task write the result of the task in the tab Outcome

In the Processing Iformation Tab you can assing the Task to some user and you have a Log  to write notes

In the Recommended Tasks you can see all  the Task asigned to this issue and the status

In the Messages/Expertise-on-Demand you can assign the Issue to OSS  Message or you can order a SAP Service whit Expert-on-Demand Requests.

You can Assign Change Request to the Issues in Change Requests” tab.


In the Service Session you can identify the “Service Sessions” for  this Issue, this is when you order Expert-on-Demand

You can Assign Change Request to the Issues in Change Requests” tab.

In the Processing Information you can Assign the Issue to the Users, coment the
Issue, and see how much time expend SAP for  the support

In the Summary Button you can see all information releated to this Issue

When you close the Issue you have the posibility to leave a feedback in Clickin
FeedBack link

In the Issue Survey you can write some comments about the service.


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