Friday, February 17, 2012

configure sap System into OSS

  • (SAP AG should make this entry, when the license is requested. So check, whether all customer system are entered)
  • Login into OSS using a customer-S-User
  • Click on the Service button
  • Click on Service connection button
  • Then all systems which are owned by the customer are displayed
In exceptional cases (if we do not have any s-User, but the Support expert has to look onto the system nevertheless), one can mount the concerned server under the customer system with the SID <SID>:

  • Login into OSS using SAP Hosting-S-User
  • Service -> Service connection
  • Then the SAPHosting-Systems will be displayed
  • Double click the <SID>
  • Server -> System data -> Tab Application Server -> edit
  • Create server -> create Server ->
  • Hostname, IP, Operating system, Instance number
  • Save
Now the SAP-Support export can login into the system using CSN -> /nstfk -> sid -> R/3-Support -> hwdf... (Of course a user for the Support expert has to be created inside the R/3-System first !)

If the customer does not know, how he can enter his system into OSS:
  • Customer might login into OSS using his OSS-User
  • Press buttons: General Functions-> System data maintenance
  • Then he will see his installation number. He might click on the node, under which the new system should be implemented (click on SID "NEW")
  • Right mouse click -> System data -> display/change
  • Enter installation name, e.g. Infraserv CRM Test system
  • Purpose: e.g. T for Test system
  • Create System Button ->
  • A Popup „request license key “appears
  • SID:                                        enter new SID
  • System type:                        e.g. Test
  • Software product:                               CRM     
  • SW-Product-Re:                   2.0
  • Basis-Release:                      46
  • Database
  • Operating System
  • Click on „New“ inside the field license key
  • Enter hardware key (provided on the OS-Level or from R/3 /slicense
  • Click request Button.....
  • Then SAP AG will automatically replicate the system under installation number. This can last for while.
  • Customer has to wait until the license key is available. At that time the system will be visible.


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