Monday, February 20, 2012

Configure User Management in the Sap Portal

In this activity you configure user management for the portal.
In portal user management, some settings are necessary in order to support Single Sign-On between the BI system and the portal. The SAP reference system is required for the communication of the BEx tools in the portal.
The login.ticket_client parameter only has to be maintained if more than one portal is connected and these portals have the same system ID. Normally however, you should install the portals with different system IDs.
Execute the following steps to configure user management in the portal.
1. Log on to the portal.
2. Start the iView System Administration -> System Configuration -> Configuration for User Management.
3. Choose tab page Security Settings.
4. Under SAP Reference System, enter the system alias of the BW system (see Creating BI Systems in the Portal ). The default system alias of the BI system has to be entered.
Only one system can be specified as the SAP reference system. The SAP reference system cannot be the BI system. However, as it is not the BI system, the technical user name of the BI system has to be identical to the technical user name of the SAP reference system.
5. Save your entries.
If you want to connect more than one portal to a BI system and these portals have the same system ID, you have to maintain parameter login.ticket_client:
1. Start the SAP J2EE Configuration Tool.
2. Use the standard database settings.
3. Choose cluster-data -> Global server configuration -> services ->
4. Change the global property login.ticket_client=<CLIENT> under Global Properties.
You can choose any value between 000 and 999 as the <CLIENT>. The client is needed if more than one portal is connected and these portals have identical portal SIDs. The client has to be entered when the portal certificate is imported to the BI system.
5. Save your entries.
If changes are made in portal user management, the SAP J2EE has to be restarted with the portal.
This activity is a step in report Maintain Settings for Integration into the Portal (RSPOR_SETUP). This report supports you step-by-step in maintaining the settings for integrating a BI system and a portal. The individual steps can be called directly with transaction codes RSPOR_CUST01 to RSPOR_CUST13.
The necessary parameters are requested upon execution. The individual parameters are described in the documentation on Integration into the Portal.


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