Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to extend an Oracle data file using BRTOOLS screen shots step by step

1.      Logon to the systems as ora<sid>
2.      Execute  brtools

 Select “5 – data file names”
It is obligatory to fill items marked with “~”.

  Select “3 – Alter data file action (action)” and type resize ¿

1.      Select “4 – Tablespace name (tablespace)” and type the tablespace name

1.      Select “5 – Data file names (file)” and specify the complete path of the data file

1.   Check the input data and select c to continue to launch the BRSPACE interface.
Datafiles can be checked within the SAP system with transaction DB02 -> Current sizes -> Select the tablespace -> Data files / Temp files

1.      Confirm the call to “BRSPACE”

1.      Select “7 ? New data file size in MB (incrsize)” and specify the new size in MB

1.      Select continue and confirm the return to BRTOOLS.
2.      Exit from the “Space management” menu using b (back)
3.      Now it is possible to exit from BRTOOLS using option “9 – Exit program”.


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