Friday, February 17, 2012

How to proceed when we are not able to login at application leval or R3 level in sap

Login as <sid>adm
Start dpmon  using command :dpmon.
In case of below  error please specify the path of the profile 

The syntax is :dpmon pf=/usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/profile/<start profile file >
Eg: dpmon  pf=/usr/sap/MNP/SYS/profile/START_D01_SAPUX060

After starting dpmon go to menu by typing m at the prompt

To see the work process status choose l,p. The view and functionality here is same as sm51.We can also restart or kill any work process from here

Next we need to check the trace files. The trace files are located in the work directory.
The path of work directory:/usr/sap/<sid>/ /work
Eg: /usr/sap/D47/DVEBMGS00/work

There are many type of trace files but the ones we need to check here are:
 dev_disp for dispatcher
 dev_w<n> for individual work processes
 dev_rfc<n> for RFC connection used by the individual work processes

Normally the trace level  will be set to 1 which will record only errors.

In case we can find any recurring errors which we can not understand please search in    
SAP NOTES  with the error .We will get an exact explanation of the situation


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