Thursday, February 9, 2012

important sql statements & db commands

DB commands:   Control file creation : SQL: Alter database backup control file to trace
Archive log status: SQl :archive log list;
Switch archive to no archive ;SQL ;alter database no archive log; 
Delete sap* user: SQL; delete  from sapsr3. Usr02 where MANDT=Client no and BNAME=sap*
To know database status:SQL; select status from v$ instance
Database start up modes:
No mount –SQL; start up no mount;
Mount –SQl; alter database mount
Open –SQL; alter database open;
To switch online redo log file to off line redo log file:SQL; alter switch log file;
Control file generation by ora br copy: ora_br_copy.bat –generate files –force log  switches –target sid –system password –listener port 27
Restore backup: Br restore  –m all – bxx.afd


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