Friday, February 17, 2012

Process of Adding a Datafile to a Tablespace

Note  : Before Adding a Data file to a Table space , check sapreorg directory (/oracle/GML/sapreorg) , if it is full or Max(>90%) delete old  files/directories from the directory.
 Eg : drwxr-x---   oragml     dba             96  Apr 18 15:55 0704181547(Delete old )

Note : By default we add 8gb of datafile to a tablespace.

1)      Connect as ora<sid>  -- oragml
2)      sapdba
3)      Select  C – Tablespace Admin
4)       Select  A – Tablespace
5)      Press Enter  or  Give the Tablespace Name
6)      If  Press Enter then select the Tablespace Number and press enter
7)      Select  F -  ALTER tablESPACE
8)      Give the desired Space to the Table or
      if u want to select a Newpath select the option B for New path
      and for New size select New size option
9)      Select S - Start to start table space to alter



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