Saturday, February 18, 2012

Remote client copy

If we want to perform remote client frist we need to create RFC connection.for RFC connection call transaction sm59 than click on <create buton>  in screan menu. than specify the RFC Destination and connection type,Description and specify the Target system host and system number then click on save.than click on connection test. next we get Information prompt user can be used for remote logon in target system.hear connection test will saved again click on connection test now we connet to target system.
once RFC connection done call transaction code scc9 fill the Selected Profile, Description , Source destinat, system name, Source Client and if you want to Perform Test run click on test run box.then schedule as background job or start immediately.we get some options Like Custmizing data , Flavors, Authorization Profile & ROLES, Application data, Change Documents,User data, Cross client Custmizing select what we want copy from this files then click on continue buton. then we got client copy log menu.  


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