Thursday, February 9, 2012

Configuration Router on Linux,AIX

Installation on linux
1. Create the subdirectory saprouter in the directory /usr/sap/.
2. Get the latest version of the SAProuter from the SAP Service Marketplace ( Choose Support Packages and Patches ® Entry by Application Group ® Additional Components ® SAPROUTER. The SAProuter is in packet saprouter*.SAR; the program niping is also in this packet. Copy programs saprouter and niping to the newly created directory /usr/sap/saprouter.
If you cannot copy the programs from SAP Service Marketplace, you can copy a version (may be obsolete) from your directory /usr/sap//SYS/exe/run.
3. (Optional) If you want to start the SAProuter on the same computer used for an SAP instance, insert the following line into file /usr/sap//SYS/exe/run/startsap:

 Start sap router

if [ -f $SRDIR/saprouter ] ; then
echo “\nStarting saprouter Daemon “ | tee -a $LOGFILE
echo “—————————-“ | tee -a $LOGFILE
$SRDIR/saprouter -r -R $SRDIR/saprouttab \
| tee -a $LOGFILE &
Insert the lines before the commands to start the SAP instance.
Normally the SAProuter runs on a different computer. If this is so, this step is omitted and you start the SAProuter as described in Starting the SAProuter.
4. Maintain the route permission table in directory /usr/sap/saprouter. If you want to keep it in another directory or under a name other than saprouttab, you must specify this with the SAProuter option -R (see Option R ).
This should help in SAP Router configuration and installation.


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