Wednesday, February 15, 2012

TMS Configuration step by step or STMS Configuration

TMS Configuration
Before going to stms we need to perform post-installation steps for the transport organizer
a) Call transaction SE06.
b) Select Standard Installation.
c) Choose Perform Post-Installation Actions.

Then Call transaction STMS in your system to configure the domain controller in the Transport Management System (TMS). 
Then add the remaining systems as members of domain controller.
 Login to target systems call tx stms add the members to domain controller. 
Now you can login to DC approve members.
Then create the transport routes and transport layers
It will generate two Rfcs TMSADM & tmssap @dev.domain_sid. 
It will also generate The two profiles one is domain.cfg, Tp_domain_sid.pfl.

Transport rute: it specifies the starting  & ending point of the object movement.
Transport layer: it specify which objects are moved path threw.
Domain controller: Which all the systems include in domain is called DC
Transport group: group of servers shares a common trans directory.
Trans target group:group of systems & clients where a change request  needs to move.
CTS tool for Helps for us move the ABAP & Java objects when change requests generated.
Trans log :usr/sap/trans/temp/log.

Consolidation rute: DEV to QAS
Delivery rute:  QAS TO PRD

Data file naming convention :R9XXX2    by using se01 we can release a request
Coffles naming convention :K9XXXX2
Backend executable :TP & R3trans    


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