Friday, February 24, 2012

User complaints that he is not login to the sap system? or user unable to login

Ask the user what error he is getting and collect more information about the error.
Try login to system by yourself & make sure sap is up and running on particular server .
If you get connection refused massage  or not in to sap than
Login to sap system at Os level using  <SID>ADM
To check the sap service is up or not by using  sidadm>ps -ef| grep dw(Dispatcher work process)
                                                                            sidadm>Ps –ef|grep ora( to check oracle is up or not)
Both are not running check with team if any maintenance in the progress
Check the outlook mail or massage if any maintenance of server mail is there
If not try to bring sap server to up and later investigate why the system went down.
Login as sidadm >startsap it will strat both oracle& sap

1)If not start due to oracle process down
Check If oracle listener is running or not sidadm  > ps –ef | grep lsntctl
Or login as  ora SID  at Os  level  orasid> lsnrctl status
Now start the database manually
Orasid>sqlplus “/as sysdba”
Go to the <SID>adm screen and start the sap using sidadm >satartapr3  or startsap
Now inform to the users that sap server up& running and can start their work 

2)Now database is running but sap is not running
Go to <sad>adm  screen
Sidadm>r3trans –d  look for return code 0000  it return code 0012  read trans.log file detail error massage
Possible causes for user unable to login:
File system full : check the following file systems
1)df -k | grep usr/sap (alter if it is 100% full)
2)df –k| grep sapdba( check all the file systems are ok below 100%)
3)df-k |grep oraarch (check it is 100% full)
A)Check the (core)dump file at usr/sap/<sid>/DVEBMGS00/work. look for file “core” and delete it
b)Check the background job log file /usr/sap/sid/sys/global/client no>joblg if any old joblogs not needed then delete them to cleanup
c)If sapdata is full increase the file system by asking network team
d)If oraarch is full move the archive log files from orcle/sid/oraarch to different location or run brarchive with -sd option  


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