Monday, February 27, 2012

users get no logon possible massages in sap

Work processes start but no logins are possible
users get the login screen but user does not log them in instead they they get massage no logon  possible
In The sap mmc the massage server show status stopped.
The Dev_ms  files reports the errors
(Thr 2548) **** error =>Mscommlnit: Ni Buflisten( sapnsTST)
(rc =NIESERV_UNKNOWN) (msxxserv.c 8163)
Thr 2548***ERROR =>Msscomminit(msxxserv.c 1561)
Thr 2548***ERROR =>main:mssint (msxxserv.c 5023)
Thr 2548***ERROR=>logq02 =>msshalt, msstop,(msg server 2900) msxxser.c 5078)

Cause of error:
Work process ware able to start the massage server was not.The reasion is because the "services"file is missing the sap massage port entry. Ex sapmsTST 3600/TCP.

how to resolve 
Edit the services file and add the entry.Then  restart the instance.make sure you specify the appropriate tcp port.ex 3600 for massage server