Saturday, February 25, 2012

Using stopsap.exe to Stop TREX on windows

       1.      Log on with the user <sapsid>adm.
       2.      Open a command prompt by choosing Start  → Programs  → Instance_number  → Tools  → TREX_<instance_number> so that the environment variables are set correctly.
       3.      Switch to the  <TREX_DIR>/exe directory and enter the following:
stopsap.exe name=<SAPSID> nr=TRX<instance_number> SAPDIAHOST =<host>
In the SAPDIAHOST parameter, you specify the host name on which the TREX instance should be stopped.
   stopsap.exe name=ABC nr=TRX77 SAPDIAHOST =p123456

Note(s):  Do not use the Task Manager to stop the SAP service or the individual TREX servers. Otherwise, data can be lost. Affected indexes can be irreparably damaged.
 Certain processing steps, for example, writing an index, cannot be interrupted. Such steps are completed before TREX is stopped. This process can take a while to complete. With large indexes, it can take up to a few hours to stop the TREX servers if lots of documents are currently being indexed.



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