Saturday, February 18, 2012

What is need of DIALOG INSTACNE?

It is used to store more work process to the users,It is required because each instance cannot be configured with more than 90 work process And 90 process are the optimal n.o of work process suggested because there will be 55 semaphores which will be able to take care of 2 process and so there can be 110 process assigned but assigning 110 process leads to bottle neck so we suggest 90 work process The number of work process can be always  changed by changing the instance profile

It is similar to installation of the central instance but the Database client is required here but Database server is used in the central instance installation

It is also required to specify the central instance details while installing the Dialog instance If central instance and dialog instance are on the same system , then they must be identified , identification can be done by using different instance number
If they are installed separately we can use the same instance number


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