Monday, February 27, 2012

Work process die soon after they start in sap system

Symptoms :
All the work process die right after the instance is started
The sap mmc shows work process with status "ended"
Only one work process shows "Wait".
An ABAP dump saying PXA_NO_MEMORY is generated as soon as a user login.The SAPMMC syslog shows the errors "sap-Basis system;Shared memory for PXA buffer now available"

Cause of errors 
The instance profile contains Misconfigured memory related parameters.Most likely the "abap/buffer size"  instance profile parameter set to high.

How to resolve
Edit the instance system profile at the OS level under usr/sap/<SID>/sys/profile and lower the value assigned to "abap/buffersize" then restart instance.Also important to find out if any other parameters ware changed.If not,The system should start once the adequate memory allocation has been set to the "abap/buffersize"parameter.