Tuesday, March 6, 2012


1. You check whether you can log on to the application server(http://HN:50000
2. You check whether you can log on to the portal(http://HN:50000/irj
3. You check whether you can log on to SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure(http://HN:50000/devinf
4. You install the SAP license
5. You install the SAP Online Documentation
6. You configure the remote connection to SAP support
7. You perform initial ABAP configuration
8. On the central instance host, you apply the latest kernel and Support Packages
9. You perform the client copy
10. You perform a full installation backup
11. You configure Single Sign-On with Microsoft Lan Manager SSP
12. You configure Single Sign-On with Microsoft Kerberos SSP
13. You perform post-installation steps for Adobe Document Services
14. If required, you configure access to SAP Knowledge Warehouse content from the SAP Internet Knowledge Servlet
15. You set the environment variable CPIC_MAX_CONV,gw/max_conn_per_wp in rz10
16. You perform the post-installation steps for usage type Process Integration
17. You activate the Internet Pricing and Configurator
18. You check the availability of back-end systems
19. If required, you perform post-installation steps for Workforce Deployment Application and Calculation Services.
which were installed with CRM Java Components
20. You perform the required steps after importing the Business Package for SAP CRM [page 133].
21. You activate the CRM Web Client
22. You ensure user security
23. Only valid for: Application Server (AS);Development Infrastructure (DI);Mobile Infrastructure (MI);Process Integration (PI),To perform basic configuration steps, on the central instance host, you run the Configuration Wizard
24. You check the Java documentation for information that is relevant for running your Java system.
25. You may now start with the manual configuration of your IT scenarios for which you find the
appropriate documentation in the SAP Solution Manager

For information about Extended Configuration


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