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Friday, June 1, 2012

SOLUTION MANAGER 4.0 sr3 installation on HP -UNIX

INStallatio of oracle
Login in to the oraPRD
Set  umask 022
Setenv SHLIB_PATH /otacle/PRD/102_64/lib/:/sapmnt/PRD/exe/
Java – version
If java is not available set bellow path
Setenv PATH=/opt/javaq1.4/bin:$PATH:$HOME/bin:./

Rename the sap folder as sap_old and get the sap recommended (get from market place
SAP folder and   kept in this path
Then go to  NEW sap folder and run the  …/ RUNINSTALLER
Change the owner ship and permissions to  new SAP folder…
Hear we have to get new SAP folder from market place and keep in to
The dump/Disk1

Applying oracle 10.2 patch
Go to dump 

When the script is executed in root
Then clock on ok
Then login to root
And again run the installation by click ing ok 

Sap Netweaver 2004 sr3 installation on redhot linux with screens