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Thursday, August 30, 2012

SAP BI System Daily Monitoring Report

Tcode Activities from SAP BI.

RSPCM Monitoring Process chains
SM58 Monitoring Transactional RFC
RSMO Monitoring Loads
RSA1 Checking source system connectvity
DB02 Check database size and consistency check logs
DB12 Backups  log
SM13 Check Update process and terminated updates
SM51 Check for the Availability of DB and all application servers
SM37 Check  cancelled Jobs and Job queues
ST02 Check SAP Buffers
SM21 Critical/Serious system log messages
ST22 Check and Analyze Program terminations (short dumps)
OSS1 Research SAPNet database for short dumps, determine relevance to THE CLIENT and forward it to super-users
SM50 Check Work process status
SM12 Check Lock Entries
SP01 Check spool request status
ST06 Check for the OS logs
SMLG Check for logon load balancing
SM66 Check for long running Background jobs
ST03 Check for Average Response time
AL08 Check user load balancing across application servers
DB13 Check for completion of Backups
ST06 Check Disk I/O response times
DB01 Check for the database deadlocks