Saturday, September 29, 2012

Service desk configuration in solution manager 7.0 with screens

It is used to generate the support messages from the satellite systems to solution manager.
It is also referred as Helpdesk system, Ticketing system, Issue Management System
It provides a feasibility to create a Message/Ticket from the satellite systems which can
be monitored in Solution Manager
(It is similar to a call handling system)
Ensure that an RFC is defined from Satellite to Solman in SM59 with S_RFC and
S_RFCACL Authorization Objects
Activate Service Desk BC (Business Configuration) SET (by default it is activated) in
TCODE “SCPR20” alternatively use TCODE “SPRO”
Specify the BC Set Name and click on “Activate” Button

it will prompt for a change request

Specify the Description and click on “save” Button

Click on”ok”  Execute the Transaction Code “SM59”

Create a new RFC with type ‘3’

Execute the transaction Code ‘SM30”

Click on “ok”

Click on “New Entries”

Specify OSS_MSG and the RFC Name (SERVICEDESK) click on “save” Button

Click on “ok”

Click on “save”

Goto Any Transaction and Navigate to Help Create Support Message

Specify the Error Message and click on “send” option

Click on “ok”Monitoring the Messages:Execute Transaction Code “DSWP” Operations Service Desk TransactionMonitor or perform the following:TCode “S_SMC_47000017” or” CRM_DNO_Monitor” transaction is used tomonitor the messages.

Select the Message to displayIf the message could not resolved we can search in market place