Friday, October 3, 2014

Saposcol and hostcontrol stop and start procedure to reflect services in wily

Saposcol  and hostcontrol start procedure

1. Go to the OS level of the affected system.
2. Check the SAPHOSTEXEC and SAPSTARTSRV process via "ps -ef | grep hostctrl".
3. Remember that both processes should be running,if 1 of those process is not running. Restart both processes.
4. Kill the existing SAPOSCOL process, make sure that the oscol shared memory is also cleared up.
Check via "ipcs | grep 4dbe" and clear the oscol shared memory via "ipcrm -m sharedMemoryNo" .
5. To startup the SAPHOSTEXEC and SAPSTARTSRV processes, execute following with those sequence as ROOT user.

a. Go to /tmp directory and delete the file .sapstartsrv99_sapstartsrv.log
b. cd /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe
c. Execute the command line "./sapstartsrv pf=/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/host_profile -D"
d. Execute the command line "/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/saphostexec pf=/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/host_profile"
e. Execute the command line "/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/sapstartsrv pf=/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/host_profile -D"

6. Check the processes via "ps -ef | grep hostctrl" ; 3 processes should be running SAPHOSTEXEC, SAPSTARTSRV and SAPOSCOL.
7. Restart the SMDAgent and verify again in Wily.



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